On this page you will find all the links to buy tickets for the screenings of films and documentaries in competition and out of competition and all the other events of the Riviera International FIlm Festival edition 2023.


Outstanding cinema is terrific vision combined with unprecedented skills. You have that creative vision. We can provide you those great skills. The masterclasses at Riviera International Film Festival are top-level seminars held by some of the best directors, producers, actors and professionals in the world.

Go to the ticket booth and choose the one you prefer from those of the 2024 edition.

Subscription to 3 Masterclasses
90€ instead of 105€

Subscription to 3 Masterclasses
145€ instead of 175€

Films in competition

Documentaries in competition

Films and documentaries out of competition


Competition Pass 65 €
Includes films and documentaries in competition

VIP Pass 85 €
Includes all films and documentaries, even those outside the competition

Free meetings and talks

More info soon!