Guests and juries

Discover the incredible protagonists of the 2023 edition of the Riviera International Film Festival.

Film jury


Emily Mortimer


Emily Mortimer, a versatile British actress, has excelled in films like “Shutter Island” and the series “The Newsroom,” showcasing immense talent and adaptability.

Tamás Yvan Topolánszky


Tamás Yvan Topolánszky is a Hungarian director and screenwriter known for the film “His Master’s Voice.”

Ludovica Rampoldi


Ludovica Rampoldi is an Italian journalist and writer. She is a co-author of “Gomorrah” and has contributed to prestigious magazines, standing out in the contemporary literary scene.

Filippo Scotti


Filippo Scotti, Italian actor, gained recognition for his performance in Paolo Sorrentino’s film “The Hand of God.” A rising talent in Italian cinema.

Vanessa Beecroft


Vanessa Beecroft, Italian artist, is famous for her performances blending art and fashion. A pioneer in merging the human body with artistic context.

Documentaries jury


Michela Andreozzi


Michela Andreozzi is a versatile Italian artist: actress, director, writer, and TV presenter. Versatile and talented in the Italian entertainment landscape.

Annalisa Camilli


Annalisa Camilli is an Italian journalist committed to migration issues. She has documented stories and challenges related to immigration, earning recognition for her informative work.

Anna Favella


Anna Favella is a talented Italian actress, acclaimed for theatrical, cinematic, and television roles. Among her works, stands out “Sissi – The Musical,” where she shone in the role of the famous Austrian empress.


Anna Foglietta
Selene Caramazza
Paolo Ruffini
Lavinia Longhi
Antonio Scurati
Ludovica Martino
Nils Hartmann
Aurora Giovinazzo
Filippo Nigro
Fiorenza Pieri
Maria Chiara Giannetta
Giuseppe Pirozzi
Anna Ammirati
Stefano Bises
Francesca Comencini
Enzo Paci
Wolfgang Knöpfler
Stefano Bises
Marco Bocci
Paki Meduri