Antonioni Day

Enrica Fico

Review and Talk

Cinema Ariston / Duferco Lounge

May 9th 2024

Schedule of the Day

Duferco Lounge

5:00 PM

Presentation of the unpublished screenplay by Michelangelo Antonioni

With his wife Enrica Fico, and joined remotely from Brazil, director Andrè Ristum and producer Fabiano Gullane.

Cinema Ariston

10:00 AM and 9:15 PM

Zabriskie Point

At a time of chronic civil unrest in late 1960s America, an idealistic young man and an anthropology student, cross paths in Zabriskie Point, Death Valley, California. A dune after the other, they discover love, time, space, sexual liberation, and their own souls. The film screening is part of the

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Blow Up

Thomas is a fashion photographer bored with the albeit glamorous models he has to deal with in his work and personal life. He reacts by deciding to create a photobook that is intended to be a study of life in London in all its facets. Things change after he takes

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Enrica Fico Antonioni (born February 25, 1952, in Cavi di Lavagna) is a director, producer, and assistant director. She is the daughter of the partisan Eraldo Fico and was married to Michelangelo Antonioni, whom she met in Rome in 1972. She began her career as an assistant to Michelangelo Antonioni on “Chung Kuo – Cina” (1972). She worked as an assistant director on several films including “Professione: reporter” (1974), “Il mistero di Oberwald” (1980), “Identificazione di una donna” (1982), “Ritorno a Lisca bianca” (1983), “Roma” (1990), and “Noto, mandorli, Vulcano, Stromboli, Carnevale” (1992). Enrica also appeared as an actress, notably playing Nadia in Antonioni’s “Identificazione di una donna” (1982). She made her directorial debut in 1982 with nine music videos for Mister Fantasy, and two years later, she directed the video “Ballami” with Gianna Nannini. She directed the documentary “Lux Orientis” (1992) about St. Francis of Assisi, “Fare un film per me è vivere” (1995), the making-of documentary for “Al di là delle nuvole,” and “Con Michelangelo” (2005), a documentary about Michelangelo Antonioni, the painter. She also produced “Kumbha Mela” (1989) and “Sicilia” (1997) for Antonioni, and collaborated artistically on his later films “Al di là delle nuvole” (1995), “Eros” (2004), and “Lo sguardo di Michelangelo” (2004). Enrica curated Antonioni’s painting exhibitions “Le montagne incantate” at Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara in 1993 and “Il silenzio a colori” at the Temple of Hadrian in Rome in 2006. To this day, she oversees Antonioni’s work and image, distributed worldwide.