Who we are

Sorry, mom.

If we really liked to conform, we wouldn’t be here.

We are the creators of Riviera International Film Festival. This means that we’ve brought outstanding cinema to Sestri Levante (Italy), since 2017. We’ve provided hundreds of young talents and original storytellers with meritocracy, top-level masterclasses and some rad, quality time on the Silence Bay. We’ve brought incredible screenings, stories, networking, conferences, meetings and workshops to the locals and to all cinema lovers. And we’ve shared the best times with exceptional artists and professionals, such as Matthew Modine, Alessandra Mastronardi, Violante Placido, Marton Csokas, Valentina Lodovini, Ed Solomon, Gianni Quaranta, Cote de Pablo, David Franzoni, Erri De Luca, Gaia Trussardi, Stella Egitto, Eddy Moretti, John Campisi, and the Nobel Prize winner Nigel Tapper.

Well, these are just the ordinary things we do. Check out the rest.

Why do we call ourselves rebel?

Because we don’t play it safe.

We dedicated the whole festival to young directors, under 35 years of age. We could have focused on affirmed movie stars only, but we’d rather take the risk to give a good chance to those who haven’t had it yet. Many of the talents we’ve launched since 2017 already gained international audiences and recognition, such as Amanda Kernell (Sami Blood), Tereza Nvotová (Filthy), Tamas Yvan Topolanszky (Curtiz), and Ulaa Salim (Sons of Denmark).

Because we take action on social causes and it’s never an easy game.

Cinema can have a great impact on society, as well as on public beliefs. And we care of this floating rock in outer space that is our planet, as well as the humans on it. So, we did everything in our power to combine the two worlds.

An entire section of our documentaries is about social and environmental issues and every year we launch awareness campaigns and initiatives that inspire people to take action side by side with some of the greatest activists around, such as Martina Colombari, Nicolò Govoni, Sea Shepherd.

The difference between green-washing and true commitment is doing relevant stuff regardless of the current hype about it. We’ve done it since the start. And we can’t wait to make game changing things happen with you.

Now excuse us. This year’s great edition isn’t going to create itself.