Call for Applications

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Wednesday 25 March 201

The Riviera International Film Festival 2019(RIFF) is thrilled to announce the launching of the Student Juryfor its upcoming second edition, that will take place in the dreamy Riviera, in Sestri Levante, from 7 to 12 May2019. The Student Jury will choose a winner for our Documentary section which deal with the Environment and Nature

RIFF invites 5studentsfrom any nationality and higher education institution (university or similar) at any level (bachelor, master, Ph.D.) to apply to become a member of the Student Jury. Those selected will have the responsibility to attribute the Student Award to the documentarythey judge as winner. Members of the Student Jury will also have the opportunity to attend all the screenings of the Riviera International Film Festival.


  • Applicants should be 18-29
  • Enrolled at a higher education institution, or recently graduated
  • Good level of English is required (B2)


Send an email with:
Compulsory information

  1. Your updated CV (one page is optimal or maximum two pages)
  2. English language certificate, min. B2, or equivalent
  3. Proof of enrolment at university (certificate or student card with dates)
  4. A statement of purpose made of two main sections (1 page):
    • motivation: why do you like film festivals; why RIFF; what skills will you bring? how can RIFF contribute to your life or CV?, why is sustainability important to you?
    • experience: have you ever volunteered for a film festival? Do you have experience with cinema (studies, stages, etc.)? Any other artistic skills? Do you have any experience in the environmental world?
    • surprise us: your favourite film/short-film/documentary/etc.; or actress/actor; or soundtrack; place to watch a film; or film/book about Nature and the Environment
      → Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience, just show us why you really want to take part to RIFF
  5. A signed letter statingyour commitment to participate to the whole duration of the Riviera International Film Festival: 6-12 May 2019 (in exceptional circumstances, participants can guarantee their presence 7-12 May 2019)
  6. Your authorization for us to publish photos, articles, and other materialfeaturing your role as a member of the student jury on our media

Optional information:

  • Any additional document you wish us to see (additional language certificates, reference letters, etc.)
  • Please also include any website, blog, or any other social media pages you wish us to see


RIFF is a small independent film festival and that is why we love it. While we can offer free accommodation to all members of our Student Jury, transportation and meals are not covered.

However, once in Sestri Levante you will not need to use any means of transport to move across the locations of RIFF. As for meals, you can get a decent meal for about a tenner, a panini for less, and an aperitivo in our famous Baia del Silenzio is just priceless 😉You will have at your disposal a communal kitchen where you can prepare your meals.


  • Attend RIFF from 7-12 May 2019, and it is recommended for you to arrive on 6 May or early 7 Mayso that you have the chance to meet your fellow Student jurors
  • You canattend all film screening
  • You mustattend all documentary screenings, from which you will choose the Student Jury winner
  • Casting your vote with your peers. You will decide the winner of the Student Jury of the Riviera International Film Festival in the category of documentaries related Nature and Environment
  • At the end of RIFF 2019, write and send us a final reporton your experience at RIFF (one page)
  • You could be asked to give some help with RIFF international guests or behind the scenes of the festival
  • HAVE FUN!!
  • & take this opportunity to learn as much as possible and get an insider perspective

During RIFF 2019, you are encouraged to post pictures and updates on your personal social media channels (#RIFF2019), but we reserve the right to ask you to take down any material we deem not appropriate / not in line with our standards.

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