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Sestri Levante, “Filthy”, the movie of Tereza Nvotova won the second edition of the Riviera International Film Festival, the film exhibition, dedicated to the under 35 directors, in Sestri Levante, from the 2nd to 6th May 2018. The movie, which also won the Audience Award, tells the story of Lena, a 17-year-old girl who is coming of age, whose growth is stopped by a difficult event: a violence. Lena closes herself, afraid of sharing her negative experience with the others.
“Winning these two awards – a very excited Tereza Nvotova says, is truly beautiful and also unexpected. It’s not simple, for a woman, working in this field, and winning a festival, which bets on young people, is wonderful.” The Slovakian director has been introduced by the president of the jury of the film Matthew Modine, who impressed the whole Annunziata Convent, remembering “the importance of turning the lights on the consequences of a violence”.
The award of best direction goes to Elene Naveriani, a Georgian director of “I am truly a drop of sun on earth”, in which, April, a prostitute in a night club in Tbilisi, falls in love with Dice, a Nigerian immigrate, left behind by society. The best actress id Sara Forestier of ‘’M’’, the Best Actor Award goes to Sebastian Dewaele, Sam Louwick and Film Willaert, the three protagonists of “Cargo” of Gilles Coulier. “Blue” wins the category of documentary. Directed by the director Karina Holden,, is a provocatori trip in the reign of the ocean, witness of the critical moment which the marine world is facing. “Living the future’s past” with Jeff Bridges and directed by Susan Kucera won the Student Award.
“We are already working for RIFF2019”, the president and fonder of the Riviera International Film Festival says, “during which we would like to focus on a great director. We are already working hard, he concludes, to expand the Festival in other parts of the Riviera”.