Comedy is female – talk with Michela Andreozzi


FROM 04:00pm

Duferco Lounge

60 minutes

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Michela Andreozzi, director, actress, screenwriter, writer, and author, one of the most
active women in the Italian film scenario. After various important roles in series, she begins her acting cinema career in “Basilicata Coast to Coast” (2010) by Rocco Papaleo. After this, she is in the cast of many comedies, directed by Carlo Vanzina, Leonardo Pieraccioni, Massimiliano Bruno, Paolo Genovese. In 2014, she is in the cast of “Pane e burlesque”, directed by Manuela Tempesta, “Ti sposo ma non troppo”, by Gabriele Pignotta, in the hit movie by Paolo Genovese “Tutta colpa di Freud”, “Torno indietro e cambio vita” by Carlo Vanzina in 2015, and many more. In 2017 she debuts as director with the movie “Nove lune e mezza”, movie of which she is also screenwriter. 2018 is a very prolific year for the actress who, besides the TV series “Romolo+Giuly”, also stars in the movies by Gianfranco Lazotti “La notte è piccola per noi – Director’s cut” and “Se son rose” by Leonardo Pieraccioni. In 2019 she directs Ambra Angolini, Serena Rossi, Ilenia Pastorelli and Silvia D’Amico in the comedy “Brave ragazze”, whereas in 2021 she directs her third movie “Genitori vs Influencer”, with Fabio Volo and Giulia De Lellis.