Blanca: passions and mysteries between Genoa and its surroundings 


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Duferco Lounge

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The panel dedicated to the TV series “Blanca” investigates the directorial and authorial choices that have brought the super acclaimed TV series, produced by Lux Video for RAI 1, in the Ligurian territory. It depicts in a new way the city of Genoa and the nearby municipalities: from Genoa’s Old Harbor to Camogli, passing through the well-known Aquarium. 

Hanging in balance between thriller and comedy, the series “Blanca” tells the story of a blind girl who works as intern and consultant for the police, a role which earned her young interpreter, Maria Chiara Giannetta, her first Nastro D’Argento.  

A series that, benefiting from the advice of great artists such as Andrea Bocelli, has been able to subvert the rules of Italian series, paving the way for technologies and forms of storytelling never experienced before on TV.  

The talk participants are: The actresses Maria Chiara Giannetta and Fiorenza Pieri, the actor Enzo Paci and Cristina Bolla, president of the Genova Ligura Film Commission

Moderator: The journalist Serena Savardi 


Maria Chiara Giannetta
Maria Chiara Giannetta (Foggia, May 20, 1992) is an Italian actress, known for her roles of Anna Olivieri in the series “Don Matteo” and of “Blanca Ferrando” in the series “Blanca”. At 14 she starts studying acting at Teatro dei Limoni in Foggia and, at 19, she joins the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome.After several television and theater experiences, the turning point takes place in 2018 when, starting from the eleventh season of “Don Matteo”, she is chosen to play the captain of the Carabinieri Anna Olivieri, role, for the first time in the series, assigned to a woman. In the same year she is in two feature films, “RIcordi?” directed by Valerio Mieli, and “Tafanos” directed by Riccardo Paoletti. In 2019 she plays Elena in the movie “Mollami” directed by Matteo Gentiloni, and Alice in the movie “Bentornato Presidente”, directed by Giancarlo Fontana and Giuseppe G. Stasi. Since 2021 she takes part in the series “Buongiorno, Mamma!”, where she acts alongside Raoul Bova. In the same year she is for the first time the absolute protagonist in “Blanca”, series adapted from the novels by Patrizia Rinaldi, where she plays Blanca Ferrando, a young blind person who becomes a police consultant. For this role, in 2022, she receives the award as best actress at Nastri d’Argento per le Grandi Serie. She is also one of Amadeus’s co-hostesses of Festival di Sanremo 2022.

Enzo Paci
Enzo Paci, in the registry office Vincenzo Paci (Genoa, January 7, 1973), is an Italian theater actor and comedian, active as well as regards television entertainment. In 1997 he joins the Teatro Stabile of Genoa’s acting school, graduating in 2000. Started off as theater actor, he works for a brief period per Radio 19 (radio of the Genoese newspaper “Il Secolo XIX”) and then starts to perform in comic television broadcasts like Colorado in 2007 and Zelig between 2009 and 2013, both broadcast on Mediaset networks.In 2011 he is the protagonist, with the role of Mattia Passadore, of the comedy “Central Station” broadcast by Comedy Central. In 2014 he is the co-protagonist of the sci-fi movie “12 12 12”, directed by Massimo Morini. Between 2015 and 2016 he takes part again in the program “Colorado”. Between 2019 and 2020 he joins the main cast of the TV series “Scatola Nera” on Amazon Prime Video. In 2021 he plays the role of chief of police Mauro Bacigalupo in the TV series “Blanca”, distributed on Netflix and RaiPlay as well. In 2022 he plays Desio in the Sky Atlantic TV series “Il grande gioco”, whereas in 2023 he plays the director Carlo Bartolini in the TV series by Amazon Prime Video “Io Sono Lillo”.

Fiorenza Pieri
Fiorenza Pieri was born on June, 11 1980. Native of Florence, she is an actress e director. She starts her career as an actress at Teatro Stabile in Genoa and plays leading roles in numerous national theater productions. She is known as an actress and for being in “Blanca” (2021), “Don Matteo” (2000), and “Il Mattino Ha L’Oro in Bocca” (2008). In 2023 she was the protagonist in the TV series “Che Dio Ci Aiuti”, playing Sister Teresa.