Casey Affleck – Surrender: Never surrender.

Surrender: Never surrender.



Ex Convento dell'Annunziata

Acting as a process of self harm and self healing.

Casey Affleck will discuss collaboration, self-expression, and letting go: the human healing process seen through the lense of acting.

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Casey Affleck, born in 1975 in Massachusetts and younger brother of Ben Affleck, received an Academy Award for “Manchester by the Sea” in 2017.

He is co-founder of the production company The Affleck/Middleton Project established in 2014.

He featured in Van Sant’s “Good Will Hunting,” “To Die For,” “Hamlet,” the “Oceans” trilogy, Tony Goldwin’s “The Last Kiss” and Kenneth Lonergan’s feature debut.

Other titles include ” Warren” “Triple 9”, “The Finest Hours”, Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar”, “Out of the Furnace”, “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints”.