The Mountain Man

Directed byDavide De Michelis

FIRST Screening

Cinema Ariston - Sala 2

11 May, 2022

H5:30 PM

The Mountain Man

Seventy-three years lived with a heart that never left that land, in the hollow of Elva, in High Maira Valley in the Cuneo province, one the wildest and most fascinating valleys in the Italian region of Piedmont. Franco Baudino, a true highlander, tells us about his love for the mountain and for its people in a documentary that lasts one hour but took more than a year to be shot, with full respect of nature and its rhythm.

Italian Premiere

If you buy a ticket for “The Mountain Man” you will have the two short films “Made in Italy” (11m.) And “A Human story” (15m.) Screened at 5:00 pm before the film. For information ask at the ticket office.

The Mountain Man

Release year: 2022
Directed by Davide De Michelis
Genre Documentary
Duration 57 minutes
Country Italy