Nuclear Forever

Directed byCarsten Rau

FIRST Screening

Cinema Ariston di Sestri Levante (via Eraldo Fico, 12) - SALA 2

28 May, 2021


Nuclear Forever

Germany will switch away from nuclear power in 2022. Yet the country’s nuclear nightmare continues with a thousand tons of radioactive waste and the dangerous decommissioning of power plants that will take decades.

Germany is abandoning nuclear power once and for all in 2022. Because the risk is too high, the technology is unmanageable. Yet the nuclear nightmare continues with thousands of tonnes of radioactive waste whose storage is not at all clear. With the dangerous decommissioning of power plants that will take decades, devouring many billions of euros, and with 13 of the EU’s 27 nations continuing to build them. Carsten Rau’s NUCLEAR FOREVER takes an equally profound and alarming look at the nuclear nightmare in details never before depicted in this way across six interwoven episodes, also analysing the search for a final repository that should last a million years and the next ten ice ages. Meanwhile, at the heart of the French nuclear industry, people mock the German opt-out, calling it ‘ridiculous’, and want even more power plants.

Nuclear Forever

Release year: 2020
Directed by Carsten Rau
Genre Documentary
Duration 94 minutes
Country Germany