Directed byAudun Amundsen

FIRST Screening

Cinema Ariston di Sestri Levante (via Eraldo Fico, 12) - SALA 2

27 May, 2021



Norwegian Audun Amundsen is driven by his search for a utopian world and ends up in the jungles of Indonesia. Here he meets the shaman Aman Paksa and his clan who live a traditional life, surviving without money, electricity or modern tools. Amundsen follows Aman Paksa for almost 15 years on his turbulent path to modernity.

The adventurous and naive traveller Audun Amundsen is fascinated by the pure and unspoilt lifestyle in the Indonesian jungle. He buys a one-way ticket and a camera to document this utopian way of life. While living in the jungle on Mentawai Island, he is adopted by Shaman Aman Paksa and a strong friendship develops between the two. Aman Paksa hunts monkeys with a bow and arrow. His family lives in a wooden hut and trades goods with other tribes. His bare, silent feet, long black hair and bronze-coloured skin make him blend in perfectly with the spirits of the deep jungle. An aeroplane in the sky above him reveals the approach of an unknown and intriguing modern world.


Release year: 2020
Directed by Audun Amundsen
Genre Documentary
Duration 88 minutes
Country Norway