Emily Mortimer is jury president at RIFF 2023


Moby is also expected to participate extraordinarily from the United States, while between May 9 and 14, director Francesca Comencini with set designer Paki Meduri, screenwriter Ludovica Rampoldi and rising stars of Italian cinema will be in Sestri Levante: Filippo Scotti of “The Hand of God,” Giacomo Giorgio and Maria Esposito of “Mare Fuori,” Giancarlo Commare, Aurora Giovinazzo and Ludovica Martino, as well as the Accademia09 students.

SESTRI LEVANTE (GE) – With less than two months to go before the seventh edition of Riviera International Film Festival 2023, here are finally unveiled the first major international guests: the British actress Emily Mortimer, chosen as jury president, and the well-known musician and producer Moby, exceptionally connected from the United States. Also expected in Sestri Levante from May 9 to 14 are Ludovica Rampoldi, Francesca Comencini, Paki Meduri and the cast of the series of the moment, “Mare Fuori.” 

Starting from “Notting Hill” to “Shutter Island” and “Hugo Cabret,” which marked her collaboration with Martin Scorsese, Emily Mortimer has also worked for Woody Allen in “Match Point” and alongside Ryan Gosling in “Lars and the Real Girl,” and has also been in the main cast of hit TV series such as “30 Rock” and “The Newsroom.” In 2018 she won the Audience Award at the Tribeca Film Festival with the film “To Dust,” while back in 2003 she won the Independent Spirits Award for her performance in “Lovely & Amazing,” and last year she was nominated for a Bafta with “The Pursuit of Love.” 

Moby needs no introduction: a musician, songwriter and producer active for more than 30 years spanning techno, electronic pop and dance music, he has sold more than 20 million records worldwide. Also significant is his commitment as an animal rights activist, about which he will speak, via connection from the United States, in the masterclass held together with director and producer Lindsay Hicks, with whom he runs the production company Little Nuts. 

A signature feature of the Riviera International Film Festival are precisely the masterclasses, which allow aspiring actors and directors of tomorrow and ordinary cinephiles to engage directly with the great protagonists of the movie industry in meetings that reset distances and generate new and unprecedented connections. In addition to those of Mortimer and Moby, the 2023 edition of RIFF will also see master classes by screenwriter Ludovica Rampoldi and director and screenwriter Francesca Comencini, the latter together with set designer Paki Meduri. 

Another feature of the RIFF is its vocation to enhance young cinema starting, of course, with the main competition reserved for the best under-35 directors. The 2023 edition will then see an entire day, that of Thursday, May 11, dedicated to the new talents of Italian cinema, in which stand out the meeting with Giacomo Giorgio and Maria Esposito of “Mare Fuori” and the panel of rising stars with Giancarlo Commare, Aurora Giovinazzo and Ludovica Martino and with Filippo Scotti, winner of the Marcello Mastroianni award as best emerging actor at the Venice Film Festival 2022 for his leading role in “The Hand of God” by Paolo Sorrentino. Also returning to interact with them and all the guests of the Riviera International Film Festival will be the students of Accademia09 who, with their enthusiasm and vision, will know how to make the atmosphere we will breathe in Sestri Levante even more special throughout the week of the Festival. 

Here the schedule of the masterclasses. Tickets can be purchased online starting March 17 through the official website www.rivierafilm.org and Wticket, also by subscribing for all events. 


Thursday, 11.05.2023 7 pm

“Music and the art of activism: a conversation with Moby” 

Moby’s musical career spans decades. He is well-known for his musical talents, but it is his activism that drives him forward and innovates relentlessly. In his masterclass, Moby will discuss how his desire to make the world a better and more compassionate place has led him to expand from music into other creative mediums as a filmmaker, producer, app developer, and writer. 

Saturday 13.05.2023 11 am 

Francesca Comencini e Paki Meduri, “Directing as the evolution of an idea: from moodboard to production” 

A narrative of the creative process that leads to the conception of a series, from the moment the director receives the script to the visualization of the final project. Drawing on the references created by one’s mind, one builds a small dream of how one would like to film the series, with what kind of atmospheres, colors, feelings. Francesca Comencini will recount the evolution of the journey from this dream to the final version of the project: of how faithful one remains to that initial version that the mind had created, what has been improved in the story, what has been lost and what has been gained on the way from the ideal and solitary imagination of the project, to the confrontation with the thousand practical, human and productive realities of its realization.

Saturday 13.05.2023 02:30 pm 

Ludovica Rampoldi. “How to build a story”

The creative process behind the writing of films and TV series. Analyzing the different stages that lead from idea to script, we will discover the elements that make a story powerful and original, and the specific differences between film and serial storytelling.

Sunday 14.05.2023 11 am

Emily Mortimer: “The life of an actress, writer and director: between failures and first drafts”

The humanizing process of getting it wrong, both as an actor and a writer / director . The painful business of finding the courage to keep going, keep working, keep changing things, keep learning, keep being knocked back until you finally have something that entertains people. And then you start again…

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« The first names emerging for the 2023 edition speak for themselves: the Riviera international film festival confirms, once again, its ability to establish itself as a major event in the cultural scene not only at the Ligurian or Italian level, but internationally, – explains the president and councillor for Culture of the Region of Liguria Giovanni Toti –. In just a few years it has managed to establish itself and grow more and more, staking its claim in a convinced way on a proposal of a high level, fascinating, and why not, also glamorous. President of the Jury Emily Mortimer needs no introduction, as does Moby, but the event does not want to give up its trademarks, capable, since the first edition, of ensuring a wide success with the public, namely the masterclasses and the focus on directors under 35, and proves that it aims to involve not only fans, bringing to Sestri Levante the protagonists of the TV series most in vogue at the moment ».