Partners & Collaborations

How to become a Sponsor

There here are many ways to collaborate with the Riviera Film Festival: one is to take advantage of the visibility opportunities offered by its events.

The Riviera Film Festival actively collaborates with interested companies through a process of value attribution that the Festival produces in a natural way. Collaborating with the Riviera Film Festival means taking advantage of a unique, stimulating and creative opportunity, linking the identity of the company to the image and values of our Festival and vice versa, in a real partnership relationship.

A sponsor can be involved at different levels in relation to the services it is interested in, according to the visibility and participation opportunities that fall within its specific commercial and communication objectives. Agreements can last one year or more. The Festival preferably proposes a 3-year approach, to create synergy and visibility growth. The Festival’s sponsor department collaborates with the company to build collaboration agreements based on the budget needs of the companies and depending on the possibility to develop a specific project in the Festival context. With a flexible approach, we start from basic solutions to arrive at the definition of the final content of the proposal, in collaboration with the concerned company, thus avoiding standardized offers.
To find out how to join the Riviera film Festival project, get more information and start a conversation that could lead to a possible agreement, send an email to or fill out the form below, we will be happy to contact you as soon as possible.

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