In this page you can see all RIFF posters. Since 2019 we have started the project "Author posters", aiming at involving every year great names in illustration, photography, art and graphics.

2024 Edition

The 2024 poster is signed by Joe Dreher aka JOEKINGATL
Artist, Architect, Photographer and Poet

“Unlimited adventures”
The poster is inspired by my visit to Sestri this past summer. When I think of it now it is like a dream and I almost wonder if it was real. The buildings with the trompe l’oeil facades to the crystal clear water now seems like something I may have imagined. The full moon and the setting sun so perfect like as if in a movie. What I know was real were the people, the food I eat the tangible things I could experience with my senses. These are the things you take with you in your memories and the things that draw you back to the place.
In the poster, I drew Sestri as if it were a stage with the architecture soft as if it were smoke, something only visible still in my mind and the figure who could be reaching for the moon as they set out on an journey or holding in their arms like a theater prop to complete the scene for this epic adventure. Was it real or was it all only a dream.

Joe Dreher

For more than a decade, Dreher’s art has adorned buildings, alleyways, and other public and private spaces in Atlanta, transforming them into visually compelling storytellers. All his work does not seek to capture or take but to give and elevate.

Joe is a graduate of Savannah College of Art & Design with a Master of Architecture Degree, and the recipient of the Outstanding Achievement in Architecture Award: American Institute of Architects (AIA) Design Award, and the Commitment to Sustainability Award.

2023 Edition

The poster for the 2023 edition is signed by the illustrator Giulia Sollai.

“Spirit of tomorrow”
Starting from the given directions, I envisioned a dreamlike illustration that conveys a sense of hope and openness, reflected in the choice of colors. The outlines are undefined, akin to dreams, evoking images in motion, much like animation. When something moves, it has a soul. The soul is revolutionary, a repository of feelings in a world of coldness.

For the subject, I drew inspiration from frames of divers in flight. Diving courageously into an unknown tomorrow, soaring above the two bays with a sense of positivity and hope, transforming into a butterfly—a wonderful metamorphosis from what it once was (a caterpillar).

I aimed for an emotional piece because the spirit of this festival, which I had the honor of personally experiencing last year, is dominated by emotion, passion, and vibrant positive energy, becoming an incredible driving force that left me happily impressed.”

Giulia Sollai

She is an eclectic artist born in Cagliari on a Sunday in October 1986. Raised in Pula and Cagliari in a family of creatives, she has been living in Bologna since 2006, where she studied visual arts and applied arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in illustration.

In March 2014, she founded “La Casetta dell’Artista,” her home-studio that became a sharing project, opening its doors to the public to showcase the work of artists changing monthly, carefully selected by her. She collaborated for years with the most important festivals in the city of Bologna.

During the first lockdown, she changed homes, expanded her painting studio, and decided to value her work primarily as an artist. This involvement led to numerous collaborations in Italy and abroad. Today, she works as a creative in various sectors, from fashion to design, advertising to publishing, expressing her world through her personal style, which speaks of nature, femininity, animals, and dreamy landscapes.

Venturing into different sectors makes her feel free and continually intellectually stimulated. She believes that style should evolve with her life, transforming based on experiences while preserving its essence. Working with art is also a way to take care of her inner child, cultivating purity, enthusiasm, curiosity, a sense of discovery, and play—qualities that keep the vital spark alive. Consequently, she is very connected to anything that brings her back to childhood, a period of her life to which she is particularly attached.

2022 Edition

The poster for the 2022 edition is signed by the illustrator Giuseppe Camuncoli.

Giuseppe Camuncoli, also known as Cammo, was born in Italy in 1975. He made his debut as a comic artist in 1997 with the self-produced BONEREST, later translated in the United States by Image Comics. After some collaborations in Italy, he entered the American market in the late 2000s, working on the pages of the SWAMP THING series for Vertigo/DC Comics.

Since then, he has tirelessly worked for DC Comics, Marvel, and Image Comics, contributing to titles such as HELLBLAZER, BATMAN: EUROPA, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, DARTH VADER: DARK LORD OF THE SITH, THE OTHER HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE, and THE JOKER.

In the European scene, he illustrated short stories for DYLAN DOG and TEX (Sergio Bonelli Editore), an album of GLI SCORPIONI DEL DESERTO by Hugo Pratt (Casterman / Rizzoli Lizard), and some graphic novels like IL VANGELO DEL COYOTE by Gianluca Morozzi (Mondadori / Oscar Ink), LA NEVE SE NE FREGA by Luciano Ligabue (Mondadori / Oscar Ink), and MAORI by Caryl Féréy (Ankama / Editoriale Cosmo).

Currently, he is working on UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY, a creator-owned series written by Scott Snyder and Charles Soule for Image Comics, whose rights have been optioned by New Republic Pictures (1917, Rush, Black Swan) for a film adaptation.

He is also the artistic director and a comics teacher at the Scuola Internazionale di Comics in Reggio Emilia, where he lives with his wife Jessica and daughter Martina.

Giuseppe Camuncoli

2021 Edition

The collaboration with Rohn Meijer continues and the Dutch photographer also signs the poster of 2021.

Rohn Meijer

2020 Edition

The poster for the 2020 edition is signed by the illustrious Dutch photographer Rohn Meijer.

“As a photographer, I liked the idea of ​​making a poster. – concludes -. I was asked to do something glamorous for the RIFF and I was immediately thrilled with the idea. I searched my archive and pulled out this image taken in Paris during a fashion show. I chose this photo, slightly moved, because it gives a feeling of movement. The same movement that can be found in the “Rebel Independent Cinema” and above all in the red carpet movement. »

Rohn Meijer

Rohn Meijer was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Before his seventh birthday, his family emigrated to Los Angeles. At the age of 22 he decided to return to Amsterdam where he studied ceramics at the Rietveld Academy. He was then introduced to the world of fashion photography by photographer Jan Francis. And in Milan he works with Franco Moschino and over time with many other clients including Neil Barrett, Phillip Plein, Diesel Black Gold and Les Hommes. For years he was DSquared’s home photographer.

2019 Edition

The artist chosen to collaborate in the creation of the RIFF2019 image is Stefano Biglia, famous designer of the italian iconic comic series Tex.

“The Riviera International Film Festival – adds Stefano Biglia – is an event that immediately stood out for two peculiarities: the international vocation and the focus on young people. The poster that I’m going to draw will play a lot on this, in a typical Ligurian environment: bright, lively and very close to nature”.

Stefano Biglia

In 1989 he attended a comic school in Chiavari. In 1994 he joined Sergio Bonelli Editore, where he designed La ballata di Zeke Colter, a Tex’s adventure, together with Calegari and Luigi Copello. After this experience, he joined Nick Raider’s drawing team. After drawning three stories with Copello, he also did a solo issue published in 1998.

2018 Edition

2017 Edition