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A new masterclass was also announced: “The World of Acting”, by Claire Forlani (“The Rock”, “Meet Joe Black”, “Csi – New York”, “Ncis” and “Hawaii Five-0″) and Dougray Scott (“Deep Impact”, “Hitman”, “Mission: Impossible 2″, “Enigma”, “Ripley’s Game” and “Ever After”)

Vice Media and Grammy Award’s co-founder Eddy Moretti, “Gomorrah” actress Cristina Donadio and science communicator Vincenzo Venuto complete the jury of Riviera International Film Festival (third edition). The festival is dedicated to under 35 directors and will take place in Sestri Levante from May, 7th to May 12th. Eddy Moretti will be the president of the Documentary Jury, composed by Yalitza Aparicio (main character in Alphonso Cuaròn’s “Roma”), Elisa Fuksas (director of “Albe – A life beyond earth”) and Vincenzo Venuto. The actress Cristina Donadio, who played the role of Scianel in the series “Gomorrah” completes the Movie Jury, presided by J. Miles Dale, who won the Academy Award in 2018 for “The Shape of Water”. The other members of the jury will be Nils Hartmann (director of Sky Italia’s original productions), Silvia Locatelli (Elle journalist) and Josephine De La Baume (French actress, known for her roles in “Rush”, “Johnny English Reborn” and “The Hitman’s Bodyguard”).

A new masterclass was also announced: “The World of Acting”, by Claire Forlani (“The Rock”, “Meet Joe Black”, “Csi – New York”, “Ncis” and “Hawaii Five-0”) and Dougray Scott (“Deep Impact”, “Hitman”, “Mission: Impossible”, “Enigma”, “Ripley’s Game” and “Ever After”)

Starting from their own international experiences, they will describe the acting techniques used in movies and TV series. The RivieraInternational Film Festival is made in collaboration with the city of Sestri Levante, Mediaterraneo Servizi and the Ligurian region.

Eddy Moretti is co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Vice Media, Canadian digital media and broadcasting company for which he is charged to supervise any content on the several channels (Vice, The Creators Project, Motherboard, Noisey, Vice on Hbo, Viceland and Vice Studios).
Originally from Cosenza, Eddy combined investigative journalism with his cinematography studies, making several TV spots and documentaries such as “Heavy Metal in Baghdad”, “White Lightnin’: The Jesco White Murders” and the tv series “Vice”. Vincenzo Venuto is a biologist and Italian science communicator. He worked in Africa and taught animal biology, ethologic and nature conservation. After 10 years of research, he started to work on Italian television as scientific consultant and author. In 2007 he was scientific consultant and author for “Missione Natura” on La7, which he presented for seven editions. On June, 2013 he changed to Rete4 presenting “Alive – Storie di sopravvissuti” and “Life – Man and Nature”, a program which showed the best materials from International documentaries. Since March, 2019 he has been presenting “Melaverde” on Canale5. Thanks to his work and his engagement, he won several prices and had several nominations to the Emmy Awards, which he won in 2014 for the “Best program or special informative program” . He is also the co-founder of Unbranded Pictures, independent movie production studio.

Cristina Donadio is an Italian actress. She began her career when she was very young, starring in Werner Schroter’s “The Reign of Naples”. After several roles in movies and theatre plays, she became famous in 1993 playing the part of Carme in the second episode of Pappi Corsicato’s “Libera”. During her career, she worked with the directors Liliana Cavani and Pasquale Squitieri and played together with Sergio Castellitto, Claudia Cardinale and Fabrizio Bentivoglio. In 2012 she was on the big screen again with Enrico Caria’s “L’era legale”, but she got famous among the audience with her role as Scianel in the second season of the TV series “Gomorrah” (2016). In 2017 she starred in Fabio Massa’s “Effetto domino” and Stefano Incerti’s “La parrucchiera”, and in the following years in “Il vizio della speranza” and “L’eroe”.Claire Forlani is a British actress. She debuted in 1994 starring in “Police Academy: Mission to Moscow”. After, she played together with Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage in “The Rock”. In 1998 she reached a worldwide success starring “Meet Joe Black” with Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins. She also appeared in several tv series, including “Csi – New York”, “Ncis” and “Hawaii Five-0″. Dougray Scott is a Scottish actor. After starring in the TV series “Highlander”, he had a role for “Deep Impact” on 1997. The following year he played the role of prince Henry in “Ever after”, together with Drew Barrymore. He also starred in “Mission: Impossible 2″, “Enigma”, “Ripley’s Game” and “Hitman” and many other movies.